Site Specific Solutions

The different approaches to the special places;
Open sliding, concealed sliding, folding and swinging doors.

Artella sliding door systems and folding door systems decrease the area that the door covers to the minimum and play an efficient role in the usage of the living areas as more functional and more refreshing and also provides modern and aesthetic appearance.

This type of systems which decreases the area loss to zero and makes the elegance and decoration as a complementary element plays the leading role for the functional solution in many small areas today.

The sliding door systems which are already among the indispensables of many living areas with both folding and swinging door systems and options of having locks or not will have an important place in your lives with the Artella's specific solutions for each place and its models increasing aesthetics in the sliding systems.

Space Plus Double Acting Door

Sliding Door

Magic Sliding Door

Folding Door

Secret Sliding Door

Compact Folding Door

Swinging Door

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