We produce the future with our experience.

Artella brings a new lifestyle to users to spend enjoyable and happy times with different models and colours and inspirational kitchen motto. The innovative design, impeccable craftsmanship and superior quality of Artella will change your lifestyle.

The unity of Aslandağ Ahşap with wood dates back to 60 years ago. Our founder Saadettin Aslandağ who is dedicated to his work started quality and seamless wooden house manufacturing by using the best timber from the rich mountains and forests in his hometown Kastamonu.

Tuncay and Cemal Aslandağ started their journey with the support of their father Saadettin Aslandağ at a young age in 1977 in a small workshop.

Aslandağ Ahşap family company was established in 1988 with the support of Salih and Aydın Aslandağ. Aslandağ Ahşap never gave up on its responsibilities and principles and created Artella brand to bring a new perspective to kitchen needs of the sector.

Artella‘s innovative designs, excellent craftsmanship and superior quality will change your lifestyles.

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