Acoustic Door

Today, doors are not only used to separate spaces. It has to carry many features to improve the quality of life. Even though our living spaces are seperated areas, we are unable to protect ourselves from external factors. One of the most disturbing things is the sound pollution. Doors are building elements in order to be protected from the noise generated in the outdoor or neighboring places.

Artella Wooden Door Systems has come to the forefront among the door manufacturers by introducing the acoustic door series to the market as a result of R&D and design studies aimed at the need of sound insulation in places. These doors are acoustic, as well as fire rated versions.

Artella acoustic door sets have been tested and reported by internationally accredited organizations. Accordingly, in the Artella collection; There are 33db, 36db and 41db sound insulation doors. These door sets can be produced with 30 and 60 minutes fire resistance upon request.

Acoustic doors can be manufactured as wood veneered, lacquered and in HPL laminate finishing. Optional models can be created by considering test standards.

Soundproof acoustic doors; can be used in many areas like, hotel, hospital, school, event halls, residential buildings, commercial places etc.

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