Fire Rated Doors

Fire is one of the major vital risks for buildings. Disasters all over the world reveal that we need to make our buildings safer about fire. Door is one of the most important parts of a building as it is both protective and escape route in case of fire. In all regulations related to fire, the importance of doors is emphasized.

As a result of R&D and design studies for the need of fire protection in buildings, Artella Wooden Door Systems came into the forefront among the door manufacturers in 2006 and developed this series every year. These doors are fire rated and acoustic soundproofed versions are also available.

Artella fire resistant wooden door sets have been tested and reported by internationally accredited organizations. Accordingly, in the Artella door collection; There are; 30min, 60min and 90min fire resistant doors. These door sets can be produced as 33db, 36db and 40db soundproof according to demand.

Fire resistant doors can be produced as wood veneered, lacquer painted and in HPL laminate finishing. Optional models can be designed by considering test standards.

Fire resistant doors; can be used in many areas like, hotel, hospital, school, event halls, residential buildings, commercial places etc.

F-60 Fire Rated 54 mm Glazed Door

F-30 Fire Rated Single Rebated 60 mm Door

F-30 Fire Rated Double Rebated 70 mm Door

F-30 Fire Rated 50 mm Door